Elise Luneau

I’m Elise, a french graphic and web designer based in Copenhagen. Specialised in branding and digital design, I create new and exciting identities and/or materials which convey the messaging and values of my client’s needs. 

Personalised Carthography

Visualization of my skills in multimedia design.


Data visualization

The visualisation shows data of the evolution of population per decade, from 1960 to 2020.
The selected countries are the 18 most populated, after India and China, in 2020.


Manufacture des Terres Méditerranéennes

mtm - cards

Identity and website of M.T.M (Manufacture des Terres Méditerranéennes/ Mediterranean Land Manufacture), a business that produces compressed raw clay bricks for use in building structures of all shapes and sizes.
See website here.



Redesign of Christine Caminade Conseil’s website and communication materials, a pharmacist and director of a training organisation.


Les Nocturnes de l'Histoire

Design of a poster to promote Les Nocturnes de l’Histoire (Night of History), a set of events developed by the Sorbonne University Library to spread knowledge about a particular topic. See animation here.



Contribution to the design of the application and  website of Skipit, an app that promotes tourism and eco-transportation.


Hors de moi

Design of a poster for Les Estiennales, an annual design conference. The theme of the 12th running of this event was “Hors de moi” (Outside of me). See animation here.


Apprenticeship Tax

Animation made from an illustration to express gratitude to the various businesses that support the Estienne school. 



Design of different posters. 



Design of an app that lists ethical clothing brands.


Let’s work together

If you want more info about what I do and discuss a project, please drop me an email!

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